TJ's Family is seeking to get a service dog to help this young boy

I received a note from a local teacher who wanted to tell me about a boy who needs a service dog. The cost is alot and the family has raised a good portion, but more is needed and time is running out. Times are tough and we realize that, but maybe you can help in any way to bring this dog home to TJ. I was touched by the comments from the teacher who wrote .....

We have to help each other, isn't that what its all about?

Meet TJ .....

TJ has many diagnosis' and has been disabled since he was 4 months old. Some of the obstacles that he conquers everyday are: Autism, Lymphedema of head,face, and neck, Tourette's Syndrome, Movement Disorder (non specified), Auto Immune Disorder, Penial brain mass & so many more. He has overcome significant delays with therapy, he receives MLD weekly for the lymphedema and has compression garments, he learned to speak through ASL, and even though he is in a self contained class, he is very bright. He is also the sweetest kid I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He still has special needs and has been approved for a therapy/service dog. This dog will be trained specifically to help TJ for all of his individual needs.


Dogs have been proven to be an asset for children diagnosed with autism and their families. These dogs provide a social "bridge" for children who are often secluded by others because of their behavior or lack of social interaction. These well-trained dogs can also provide comfort as well as calm children who suffer from autism.

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