A retrofitting of a storm water basin in Toms River is the first of several projects by the American Littoral Society.

Barnegat Bay (American Littoral Society)

Nitrogen absorbing plants and decompacted soil was installed at the Laurel Commons condominium complex, and will act as a natural bio-retention basin to prevent polluted water from entering into the Barnegat Bay.

“But it’s also appropriate to call it a rain garden. It’s a very expansive kind of rain garden,” says Helen Henderson Helen Henderson Atlantic Coast Programs Manager and Barnegat Bay Projects Director for the American Littoral Society.

The project, which is espoused to be a cost-effective and a high pollutant removal solution, is one of seven projects along the Long Swamp Creek sub-watershed.

The project is funded by the American Littoral Society through a federal funding from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection to prioritize and implement targeted storm water management strategies.

Henderson notes their next project will be at Community Medical Center in Toms River.