If you watch "Game of Thrones" then you know last week's episode was one of the most disturbing in the series to date! Just when you think maybe, just maybe, King Stannis is halfway human... he proves he is not! Stannis showed just how sick (with power) he is ....Now it's hard to pick who we would like to win the battle of the North' The horrible Boltons or Stannis and his Witch! Who would you side with ?

So with Sunday's season finale coming up ... here are a few of my GOT thoughts:

  • Will Jon Snow and the Wildling Giant have dinner together?
  • Will Tyrion end up riding on the Dragons tail ?
  • Will Ramsey Bolton finally get a little of his own medicine ?
  • What will the Sparrow do next ?

These are just a few of my questions for the season finale. My one bold prediction .... Stannis will lose in battle to the Bolton's and he will finally realize how awful a person he is!

So what are your predictions for the season finale ?