What does Lakewood's downtown area need? More shops? More parking? You decide! The committee is planning to give you the floor on Monday, August 20th at a special forum.

The Lakewood Township Committee is holding the meeting to discuss issues and solutions that pertain to growth and development of Lakewood's downtown business district. It will be held beginning at 6:30 p.m. inside the auditorium at the Lakewood Municipal Building on Third Street.

Topics will include business-oriented quality of life issues, such as parking policies, banners and signage enforcement, and the appearance and cleanliness of storefronts, among other areas of concern for downtown business owners and shoppers.

Steve Reinman, deputy municipal manager and director of the Office of Economic Development for Lakewood, says, "If you are a shopper, business owner, or landlord in the downtown and have an opinion, then you should be heard because we will be developing and implementing policy changes that will make the downtown better and will create a more pleasant experience for everyone.

Reinman adds "we have heard the collective call for more parking and have built numerous new lots to accommodate the shoppers and other visitors to downtown. The next step is to make sure policies and practices are put in place to see that the investment pays off for all of Lakewood - business owners and customers, taxpayers and visitors. Lakewood's downtown is a great asset, and the township committee is taking steps to ensure that we maximize its value."

Anyone wishing to make public comments at the meeting must pre-register by e-mailing skay@lakewoodnj.gov or call 732-364-2500 Ext. 5200 no later than August 10, 2012. Each speaker will be allowed up to four minutes at the microphone.