The Lakewood 46-year-old charged in connection with her 67-year-old mother's death last March pleads guilty to manslaughter and now risks up to 10 years in prison.

Lisa Foster entered her plea Tuesday in Ocean County Superior Court, according to information from county Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford. Her sentencing for the second-degree charge is scheduled for February 28 before Judge Wendel Daniels.

The March 1  discovery of Claudette Foster's lifeless body in her Original Leisure Village home they shared stemmed from an anonymous call to Lakewood police.

Investigators later determined that Lisa Foster placed the call. They also estimated that the elder Foster had been dead for as long as a month. Lisa Foster was questioned at the site and later taken into custody.

Findings by the Ocean County Medical Examiner ruled the cause of death as arteriosclerotic coronary vascular disease and blunt force trauma.

According to authorities, the two maintained a contentious relationship punctuated by disagreements, many about money. Investigators said that during one such argument last February, Lisa Foster pushed her mother, and the elder woman's head hit a metal bed frame as she fell. The concluded that she lost consciousness and later died, but the day and time of her death was never established.

In entering the plea, says Ford in a statement, Foster "knew her mother was in poor physical health; that she was responsible for the injuries she inflicted upon her mother, and that she did nothing to render any aid to her mother once she lost consciousness. The defendant further admitted that she knew her mother had died, but allowed her to remain in the same position from the time of the altercation until the police discovered Mrs. Foster's body on March 1."