Lakewood Police are searching for a missing teen who hasn't been seen or heard from since Tuesday afternoon

17-year-old Bethsabeth Ramos, a senior at Lakewood High School, is described as five feet, eight inches tall, weighing 140 pounds. Her aunt, Lionela Ramos, says that Bethsabeth was happy and was looking forward to graduating after earning her HSPA.

Lionela tells WOBM News she believes Bethsabeth's boyfriend Tyrone knows more about her disappearance than he is telling her and police. Lionela believes Bethsabeth called Tyrone's cell phone several hours after she was last seen but says he received no call from her.

According to Lionela, Tyrone had recently cheated on Bethsabeth but they got back together despite her friends urging her not to.

Anyone with information should call 732-363-0200.