A Lakewood man released by Township police Monday after posting bail on a Domestic Violence charge, was arrested later that afternoon for allegedly carjacking a vehicle with three females who he knew, according to police.

Photo courtesy of The Lakewood Scoop

25-year-old Anthony Hamilton was arrested without incident at his East 5th Street home and charged with Carjacking, Assault by Auto, Burglary to Auto, Theft of Auto and numerous motor vehicle summonses.

Hamilton is accused of speeding through traffic in a BMW on Governors Road from Tudor Court and  hitting a Chevy Impala before allegedly carjacking the Toyota Camry with the three females, according to Lakewood Detective Sgt. Greg Staffordsmith.

Hamilton closed in on the Camry, then allegedly rear-ended the vehicle intentionally, causing it to spin out. He exited the BMW and approached the Camry on foot. The females had exited the Camry and Hamilton jumped in then fled, police said. No one was injured.

Hamilton was arrested a short time later while pulling into his home on East 5th Street.

Earlier Monday, Hamilton had been jailed for allegedly hitting his 22-year-old girlfriend from Lakewood. After he was released, authorities said he drove to an area of Lakewood where his girlfriend is known to frequent and waited for her at the intersection of Princeton and Tudor Court. When he saw the Toyota Camry that she is known to drive cross his path, he initiated the attack, police said.