A high ranking gang member from Lakewood will be over 100 years old when he's finally eligible for parole following a fatal gang revenge shooting spree in 2006.

Scale & Gavel, Peter Dazeley, Getty Images

Carl Holdren, age 25, aka "Killa", a Lieutenant in the the Sex, Money, Murder set of the Bloods was sentenced Wednesday to 92 and a half years in state prison under the No Early Release Act after being convicted of Murder and Racketeering charges in connection with the fatal shooting and wounding of rival gang members in Long Branch as well as attempting to kill a third person the same year.

According to Acting Monmouth County Prosecutor Chris Gramiccioni, Holdren received life in prison after being convicted in August 2013 for the murder of Michael Montgomery following a six-week trial. Additionally, Holdren was sentenced to a concurrent sentence of 25 years on first degree Attempted Murder for shooting Keith Logan, 25 years on first degree Attempted Murder and 15 years on the charge of first degree Racketeering.

According to court records, the shooting occurred on Hendrickson Street in Long Branch where Montgomery, a confirmed member of the Brick City Brim set of the Bloods, died as a result of a single gunshot wound to his hip. However, the intended target of the shooting, Logan, a confirmed member of the G-shine set of the Bloods received a single gunshot wound to the abdomen and survived.

According to New Jersey Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman, "Holdren's shooting spree began with the fatal ambush of a rival gang member and the wounding of a second and it would have continued with the murder of another rival gang member if the State Police had not uncovered the plot and arrested him."

Gramiccioni said "evidence adduced at trial revealed that Holdren, along with two other men, Qumere McClendon and Valdo Thompson played a role in the double shooting." Thompson pleaded guilty in November 2013. McClendon pleaded guilty to related charges and was convicted for the homicide of Keith Mason in December of 2006.