Days after tying a string of burglaries in Lakewood to a Tent City dweller, police have filed charges against the suspect's brother as well.

Mathew Rosado, 25, who police say also lives in the homeless encampment, was charged with 22 burglary- and theft-related counts stemming from the lootings of houses and synagogues on seven different streets since December 2013.

Alihbo Rosado faces 47 burglary and theft counts following his arrest last week.

Police say they apprehended Mathew Rosado on unrelated warrants on January 18 at Bounce U, following a report of a man and woman in a verbal argument. Investigators later determined his alleged involvement in the burglaries.

Mathew Rosado is in the Ocean County Jail, with bail set at $97,500, and no option for release on payment of 10 percent.