Oh My!  We love it!  I think I can speak for most of the ladies out there!  Women love a man in a unform!  Which uniforms turn you on the most?

Here's a fun little thing to talk about today...Maybe it's the UPS man, or that Navy man or maybe a Police Officer, whatever it might be for you....WOOOOOOOOT WOOOOOT!  I love the UPS man in uniform! 


In a new survey from Digital Spy..says the number one uniform that turns a woman on...is a Dr with the scrubs and the coat!

Here are the rest of the unforms that make us melt?  Do you agree!  The top 5!


1.  Doctors and surgeons.


2.  Delivery men.   


3.  Firefighters.


4.  Military servicemen.


5.  Pilots. 

What unform turns you on the most?