Unless you've been living under a rock in a cave you know that Governor Chris Christie is running for re-election this year. His Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno is Christie's ticket mate again.

Courtesy NJ Office of Information Technology

The Governor says recovering and rebuilding from super-storm Sandy will occupy the majority of his time and he expects Kim Guadagno to move closer to the spotlight in 2013.

"I think the Lt. Governor is just going to continue doing her job," explains Christie.

"I think the expansion of the Lt. Governor's responsibilities is going to be because we have so much more to emphasize in the business area that she's been focusing on from the Sandy perspective in terms of trying to get people back up and running."

The Governor says Kim Guadagno will be dealing with red tape issues involving businesses and housing for residents.

Christie says, "Plus, the Lt. Governor now is a known quantity around the state, you know? Four years ago not that many people knew me and almost no one knew her. Now, after three years of governing I think the public, while it's not 100% knowledge of the Lt. Governor, she's much more known now than she was four years ago."

The Governor says in a re-election year, Guadagno's improved name recognition could help them both. He explains, "I think what you'll see now is that I can use her much more in a campaign role and she can do a lot more of the politics too, the fundraising as well which she didn't get to do as much of four years ago."