I’ve admitted it to individuals and small groups but today I’m going public in a big way by sharing with my Hometown View followers.  I, Kevin Williams, considered by some to be rather gruff and grumpy at times is hooked on Hallmark Channel Christmas movies.

My wife Jane will tell you that often this holiday season I have turned on the Hallmark Channel to check out the latest offerings from the likes of Candace Cameron Bure, Lacey Chabert, Kellie Martin, Alicia Witt, Lori Loughlin, Gregory Harrison and many others who fall into the category of “whatever happened to.”

These movies are usually very low-budget and quite cheesy but it doesn’t matter.  The fake snow often used is really bad and you know the movies are often shot in non-winter like conditions but when there is nothing on TV that I really want to watch its channel 830 for me.

By now you have probably heard that after almost 45 years in business the Toms River Diner has closed its doors.  I have countless memories and stories from late-night (actually early-morning) trips for burgers, breakfast, disco fries and much more but since the statute of limitations has expired I can share one story from sometime in the late 70’s.

A friend of mine who I will call “Lenny” because that’s what we all called him offered to treat me and Ken one night after we had left a bar.  We didn’t have any cash on us but with Lenny buying we ordered what seemed like half the menu.  When the check came our buddy then admitted he didn’t have any money either but not to worry. He would figure something out.

He instructed us to walk out the door and when the cashier asked us about payment point to him and he would acknowledge that he had the check.  So Ken and I went outside and waited in the car and moments later Lenny bolted through the kitchen doors and jumped in the car with an employee in pursuit.  We took off and I was so scared I did not go back for over a year.

My belated apologies to the Vasilakis Family for that. I more than made up for it over the years.