It's Valentine's Day! Hopefully you've already figured out how you and your sweetheart are going to celebrate. But don't forget to keep your furry friends safe today.

Of course, one of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts is a big box of chocolates. But it's also one of the most potentially harmful if Fido gets his teeth into the heart shaped box of sweets.

Chocolate is one of the most toxic things that dogs can accidentally eat. And, of course, they don't know any better. All they know is that chocolate is delicious.

If you've ever had a sneaky pooch make their way to a package of chocolate, you know how fast they can be. Before you know it, those sweet treats have been scarfed down.

I've had a few scares with my dog and chocolate - once was my fault (I'd left chocolates at dog level without remembering), and another time was all her - my tenacious girl worked the dining room table until she could grab a bag of chocolates.

The first time, she got pretty sick, which resulted in a trip to the emergency vet and a whole house worth of carpet shampooing. The second time, thankfully, she was no worse for wear.

The danger with chocolate is in the darkness - the darker the treat, the more toxic it is to your pup.

So, just keep that in mind today when exchanging presents with your partner - if your sweetheart has a sweet tooth for the darkest of dark chocolate, your Valentine's Day could turn into an emergency vet trip if you don't keep an eye on your dog and your chocolate!