I have a friend visiting from Canada for Thanksgiving. When I asked him what food that he can't get at home he would like, he didn't even hesitate - "Jersey Pizza!"

There's a good reason that people literally from other countries crave our pizza, because we do it right! So, that being said, here are my top 5 pizza places in Ocean County:


  • 1


    Toms River

    I'll admit it right here and now - I'm biased when it comes to Capone's. But hey, this is my list, I'm supposed to be biased!

    One of my regular lunch spots, Capone's has the best grandma's pie around. I could eat it every day. And, if I'm being honest, some work weeks I have!

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    The Sawmill

    Seaside Heights

    Everybody knows The Sawmill.

    It's been a Seaside Park boardwalk mainstay for years (and the only Seaside Park boardwalk business to survive the devastating 2013 fire). It's one of those places that both locals and tourists go to not only for their good food, but also for their signature massive pizza slices.

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    J&G Pizzeria


    Look, we live in New Jersey. If you ask me, there's no excuse to get delivery from one of the national cookie cutter chains.

    I'd tried a number of delivery places before I found one that stopped me from trying others. J&G is always generous with cheese, and even more so with toppings.

    You can't order online. You can't order with an app. You have to go old school and pick up the phone and call. But you know what? That little extra effort in a day and age where instant gratification seems to have taken over everything, will be rewarded!

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    Maruca's Tomato Pies

    Seaside Heights
  • 5

    Nino's Coal Fired Pizza

    Multiple Shore Locations

    With locations in Toms River, Brick, Oakhurst, and Long Branch, Nino's is the closest thing to a chain that makes this list. But I'm not using "chain" as a dirty word here.

    When you go into a restaurant and can tell that corporate oversight has robbed it of any personality, that's when I would use it as a bad thing.

    Thankfully for us, Nino's has plenty of personality to go around, and it shows in their crispy pizza!