Father's Day is this Sunday June 18th, 2017.  Our four-legged friends from the Popcorn Park Zoo really, really need a Daddy.  Can you be the Daddy for one these four-legged "best friends" looking for a forever home?  How can you resist these faces?  These dogs are ready for adoption and ready to go!

Princessa / Popcorn Park Zoo

When you meet Princessa, you just want to hug her and tell her to stop looking so sad, everything will be okay. Princessa has such a sad and worried look about her and seems to wonder what happened to her life? She lived her life in a home forever, but that's all changed and she's starting over now. Princessa is around 5 years old and this tri-colored girl came to us because her owner became ill and could no longer care for her. Princessa is a mix of many breeds, likely a little pit bull, a little hound, but lots of lots of sweetness. She is such a quiet, calm and gentle girl. She is perfectly behaved and while she is shy when she first meets you, within minutes of knowing you, she'll come to you with her tail wiggling, resting her head in your lap and looking for some attention. She is very affectionate and lovable, and just wants to be with you. She walks perfectly on a leash, takes treats gently, and is housebroken too. Princessa has lived with children and is fine with them and seems fine with dogs that are calm and gentle too, but she will need a home with no cats. Please help turn her frown upside down and come in and meet Princessa.


Lacey / Popcorn Park Zoo

Lacey is a beautiful hound/pit mix that is about 4 years old and came to us from our Newark facility after she was found as a stray. Her owners were located and found to have a faulty fence but instead of fixing it, they gave Lacey up instead. It's probably all for the best since Lacey was very thin upon arrival and a bit neglected. She has plumped up and cleaned up too, and is so happy to be in good hands. Lacey is extremely head shy and drops to the floor the moment a hand is raised for any reason, so she would do best in a home without a lot of commotion. She is so trusting and loving, and so happy to meet people that are kind to her. Lacey is very well behaved and ladylike and while she is strong, she walks nicely on a leash and is so gentle while taking treats and toys. Lacey enjoys a good romp around our exercise yard and will even toss around a toy or two. She gets along fine with dogs her size but will need a home with no small dogs or cats. Lacey is a real leaner and just eats up affection and attention. She will love you forever if you welcome her into your life.


Ralphie / Popcorn Park Zoo

Ralphie is only about 9 months old and this adorable and sweet little guy is ready to start his life off right in a loving home of his own. He came to us with several other dogs that were found living in an abandoned house. He was quite thin and sickly upon arrival but after a few weeks of some good medical care, Ralphie is doing great now and ready to move on with his life. If you see Ralphie in his kennel, he may appear to be a little nervous or high-strung. Don't worry, that's not at all his true personality. Ralphie just couldn't be any sweeter and more gentle. Once he is out, Ralphie just turns to mush in your hands. He positively loves people and loves being with you. He can't get enough attention and is so lovable and friendly. Ralphie considers you his best friend from the moment he meets you and has little shyness about him. Since he is still young and puppyish, Ralphie will need a little training, but he is very well behaved and just the perfect gentleman. He seems to get along just fine with other dogs and never met anyone he didn't like. Ralphie is so deserving of a fresh start in life with a wonderful family of his own.


Aaron / Popcorn Park Zoo

This lovable little guy came to us as a stray that no one ever came looking for. Poor Aaron was so shy at first but once he realized he was in good hands, he came out of his shell and never looked back. Aaron is only about a year old and this border collie mix is still shy when he meets new people, but just give him a minute to check you out and he'll soon start bouncing around, hoping that you'll play with him. Aaron has lots of puppyish energy and is always ready to have fun. He has had training in his young life and sits instantly when asked, takes treats very gently, and walks well on a leash. Aaron could use a little training with some mouthiness while playing, so he will need a home with no kids under 10. He is super sweet, bubbly and he's talkative too. He seems excited to meet other dogs and would likely be fine with dogs around his size. Aaron will bring lots of joy and fun to the family that welcomes him home.

I want to thank the Popcorn Park Zoo for the information of these adorable dogs up for adoption!  Call them today 609 - 690 - 1900.  The Popcorn Park Zoo is open everyday!  They have so many cats and dogs up for adoption, stop by and see if one of their furry friends fits into your family.

Popcorn Park Zoo

1 Humane Way

Forked River, NJ


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