Yesterday I asked you on our Shawn & Sue Facebook Page-- with all the lines, traffic and shopping at this time of year...What made you smile this weekend?

kennethkonica, flickr


So I thought I'd blog about what some of you wrote.  I loved every second of it, reading all of the happy thoughts of the rush and the hectic-ness of the holidays.  The reason I asked this question, I was at the grocery store this weekend and this woman was looking for a few extra dollars to pay for her groceries, and the man behind her gave her the couple dollars she needed to cover the bill.  I just thought this was wonderful!  I was behind this man in line and I gave him a hug.  It made me so happy to see wonderful people helping out when needed.  Yes, he looked at me like I was nuts, but that's OK.

Here's what a couple of you wrote on Facebook:

Francine saw exactly what I saw in a grocery store this weekend...that made her smile.  Didn't it just warm your heart Francine?

Angela did some on-line shopping and she was watching dogs on a video being scared of kitties...that made her smile.

Sandra wrote just waking up...that made her smile.

Dawn having lunch with her husband...that made her smile.

And so many more, it's so great to see happiness this time of year.  It's magical for kids of all ages and sometimes for us parents we can't catch a breath.  So thanks so much for sharing some of your happy thoughts for the weekend.

What made you smile this weekend?