Volunteers will be fanning out through out Ocean County this Thursday to help nonprofit agencies with a wide variety of projects. It's a part of the United Way of Ocean County's annual 'Day of Action.'

United Way Development Associate Kelly King says volunteers will be helping out with projects that range from painting buildings to planting flowers. "We asked all of our partner agencies, which consist of 47 agencies across the county, to send us any projects that they needed a little extra help on. They are generally projects that just require a little bit of manpower that they don't have."

King  says the Day of Action is really designed not to absorb a large amount of time from any of the volunteers. "The whole idea of it is that you have a little bit of time through out your day to that you give to volunteer. There are three hour time blocks so it really isn't something that will disrupt your whole day but you still feel like you gave back."

Agencies receiving help this year include: Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ocean County, Caregiver Volunteers of Center Jersey and Ocean's Harbor House to name a few.

King says this is the second consecutive year for the event after not taking place for several years and it's already been a big help to area nonprofits. "Agencies were really able to save a lot of time by having volunteers come in and help them. So, it really did make a big difference over the past year."

King says you can still get in on the action by calling the United Way office at (732) 240-0311. You can also get more information from the web site at uwocnj.org and click on the link under 'Day of Action'. You can also email them at volunteers@unitedwayofocean.org