Philadelphia police say a US Airways flight to Dallas was called back to Philadelphia because of a hoax phone
call possibly made by an ex-girlfriend of a passenger.

Chief Inspector Joe Sullivan says the caller identified the passenger and said he was flying to Texas with a dangerous substance.

He says the passenger actually had nothing dangerous and committed no crime.

WPVI TV reports the call was made by the unidentified passenger’s ex-girlfriend as part of a “pretty nasty trick.” Sullivan said that whoever made the call will face  “very serious charges. They’re interfering with aviation. And you’re causing a plane to return to do another landing – an unnecessary landing.”

FBI spokesman Frank Burton says US Airways Flight 1267 was called back to Philadelphia International Airport after officials received the anonymous tip.



Passengers were removed from the plane and bused away as law enforcement vehicles surrounded the aircraft. Video from TV stations showed law enforcement officials removing a person from the flight and police dogs on the tarmac.

Airport spokeswoman Victoria Lupica says there were 98 passengers on board. She says no other flights were affected by the activity.

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