Primary Day has come and gone in the Garden State and November's election looks a little more clear now. 
According to the Ocean County Clerk's Office turnout out was very light with just 9% of registered voters casting a ballot. OInly 25% of registered Republicans and 11% of Democrats came to the polls on Tuesday.

It was also a light turnout in Monmouth County with a 9% turnout of all voters according to the Monmouth County Clerk's Office with 19% of Republicans and 8% of Democrats.

In the only statewide race on the ballot, Republican governor Chris Christie will face Democratic state Senator Barbara Buono.


Republican 9th district state Senator Chris Connors won a primary challenge to run against Democrat Anthony Mazzella

Republican 10th district State Senator Jim Holzapfel won a primary challenge to run against Democrat John Bendel

Republican 12th district Assemblyman Sam Thompson won a primary challenge to run against Democrat Raymond D. Dothard

Republican 30th district Assemblyman Robert W. Singer won a contested primary against Harold Herskowitz to run against Democrat William Field

Ocean County's Republican incumbent Assembly members in the 9th, 10th, 12th and 30th district's won uncontested races to run this November against their Democratic challengers

Republican Toms River Police Chief Mike Mastronardy beat Frank Garnick in a contested primary race for the county Sheriff to run against Democrat Bob Armstrong

Republican incumbent Republican Freeholders Jack Kelly and Jim Lacey won uncontested races to run against Democrats Patricia Barndt and Joseph Grisanti


Republican Joseph Sangionvanni beat Daniel Toth in a primary race for the mayor's post to run against Democrat incumbent Council President John G. Ducey

Brick Republican Council candidates Domenick Brando, John Ciocco and Victoria Chadwick won an uncontested primary to run against Democrat candidates Marianna Pontoriero, Charles P. Tivenan and Heather DeJong


Republican incumbent Council members Brian S. Kubiel, Maria L. Maruca, Jeffrey J. Carr and Alfonso Manforti all won uncontested primaries to run against Democrats, former Mayor Paul C. Brush, Linda A. Stevens, Gary Clifton, Eli Eytan


11th District Republican state Senator Jennifer Beck won an uncontested race to run against Democrat Michael Brantley

11tth District Assembly members Mary Pat Angelini and Caroline Casagrande to face Democrats Edward Zipprich and Kevin McMillian this fall

Republican County Sheriff Shaun Golden won a contested race against Republican For Conservative Leadership candidate Daniel Peters to run against Democrat Ruben Scolavino this fall

Republican Freeholders Thomas Arnone and Serena DiMaso won a contested race against Republicans For Conservative Leadership candidates Edward Pekarsky and Brian Largey. They will face former Congressional candidate Democrat Brian Froelich and Lawrence Luttrell this fall.