Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night and can't see to relax and get a good night sleep ? Perhaps some tips on making your bedroom the best can help. This Fall, maybe a re-do on your bedroom will give you a fresh start heading into Fall.

First thing is color. We recently renovated our Son's room, or as it's better known now ... the "guest room" (Zach moved into his own place). We decided to go with a light grey color, which experts say is one of the best for relaxing. The top 3 colors grey, blue or green.

We went with a larger bed. Obviously you need to be comfortable to relax and a bed that's too small, won't help. So make sure you have a bed that fits your needs.

We did put all new art up on the walls, but research says keep it under control. If you have to much decor it can over-stimulate and that's not a good thing when trying to relax.

Here' something we didn't think of, placing a mirror on a wall opposite a window. It adds the outdoor reflection, which can add natural light and extra space.

For a more relaxing bedroom experts also say you should replace white light bulbs with yellow bulbs ... the yellow is warmer and more relaxing.

Experts also say to keep electronics out of your bedroom, but we did put a flat screen tv on the wall. We hung it to keep it out of the way.

Finally you can accessorize with fresh plants, which clean the air and essential oils. The oils can help you relax as well, we have that in our bedroom and lavender seems to do the trick.

We'll discuss this Monday morning with Shawn & Sue


What do you love about your bedroom ?