TIME recently did a fun article about food and how you can relate it to the race for the White House. Take a look at the two categories and see if you eat like a DEM or GOP lol


Sue took the test and ended up eating like a Republican, by a narrow margin Shawn ended up eating more Democratic. Some fun during all this "political bickering" going on with this years election. Go through the list and see which side you eat more of.


Democratic Foods Republican Foods
Veggie Burger Hamburger
Chicken Tikka Masala Sweet & Sour Chicken
Muffin Brownie
Burrito Gyro
Avocado Salad Caesar Salad
Lentil Soup Wonton Soup
BLT Buffalo chicken wrap
Summer roll Egg roll
Marherita Pizza Barbecue Chicken Pizza
Guacamole Mozzarella stick


How did you make out ?