Call it a reality check for reality shows: an overwhelming number of New Jerseyans wouldn't mind at all if the casts and crews of telecasts like "Jersey Shore" were subject to stringent local requirements, according to results of a new Quinnipiac University poll.

Jason Merritt - Getty Images

The survey concerns shore Assemblyman Ron Dancer's (R-30) "Snookiville Bill," A-3273, now being reviewed by a lower house committee. It explicity lets local goverments set licensing and regulations under which film and TV productions could operate. Of all respondents, 72 percent agree with the measure. Sixty-two percent added that they wouldn't want a program like "Jersey Shore" in their towns.

Dancer's bill would empower local officials to also require producers to pay for such amenities as extra police patrols along with licensing fees.

The Republican is using the survey to promote his measure, saying it's popular because "it's permissive legislation that lets local communities decide what's best for themselves."

"Although many people don’t want their neighborhoods to be used as scenery for Snooki, and J-Woww, reality television can be an asset to a host community and local businesses,” Dancer said in a prepared statement.

He cites Real Housewives and Cake Boss as other examples of reality shows that benefit from New Jersey's location and character. "These shows can attract crowds, which can benefit local businesses and challenge a community’s resources,” he continued. “My proposal will allow cameras to keep rolling without harm to the host community."