You might not know her name but soon you will.  She is a news anchor that recently received an email about her weight and live on TV stuck up for herself and showed such grace while doing it.  A great role model for any girl or boy.  And in this time of a appearances are "everything" was a great response.

As a radio personality I often get when we're out at an event, "I thought you'd be thinner."  I usually look at them and say, "I'm not, love all of me".  Then I think you really don't listen too closely because I'm always talking about food.

But most important---just like Jennifer--If you love yourself no matter what and your healthy, it doesn't matter.  And that's huge, we have to stress that to our daughters who feel they are not beautiful.  The importance here is not to be bullied.  You are beautiful in every way...little or big!