Your doorbell rings.  You open it to see who it is.  It's a man claiming to be from the electric company.  You didn't call him!  What do you do?

Jersey Central Power and Light is warning all of its utility customers to be on the lookout for a growing number of scammers who claim to be their company employees'.  They're going door to door to try and gain access to your home to steal your personal information.  It's very important that when someone from any utility - whether electric, gas, water, etc. - you check for identification and a company badge.

JCP&L spokesman Ron Morano says a number of calls have come in from people saying these so-called workers are trying to force their way in.  He says "it's rare that we send someone to your home without calling you first to let you know someone is coming.  There are occasions when line crew must drop by but there are things to look out for."

Some of those things include a company ID badge, a company shirt, a vehicle with JCP&L or First Energy branding on the side, worker tools for electric and a hard hat.

Morano adds "if you suspect something isn't right, call the police at once."