JCP&L is ready to handle the wintry mix slamming the Jersey Shore. "The most important thing to remember is snow by itself does not cause power outages." said Spokesman Ron Morano.

JCP&L truck making repairs (@JCP_L via Twitter)

Morano said the biggest problem JCP&L faces when there is snow, is vehicles sliding off the road and taking down utility poles and downing power lines. An accumulation of heavy wet snow or ice, and tree branches also can lead to power outages. JCP&L prepares for every storm based on forecasts from the utility's two meteorologists and can deploy additional crews as needed. "If we know there's an area that is going to be subject to some ice conditions, we'll have crews available there," Morano said.

If you do see a downed wire, "Assume it's live and carrying electricity," Morano said. He advises reporting it to your local fire and police or the utility. You can call the customer outage line at 888-L-I-G-H-T-S-S or by going online to