Jackson School Board officials are seeking public feedback on the type of Superintendent they'd like to see fill Thomas Gialanella's shoes when he retires at the end of the 2012-2013 school year. Board President Sharon Dey says they're seeking residents comments even before they create the job posting. "This is what's going to help us make those decisions during that interview process, looking for resumes."

Dey says the public may be able to offer some ideas that they haven't thought off. She says that's why they launched a survey on the district's website this week hoping for feedback from parents, students and residents. Quite surprisingly, she says they received over 100 responses when the survey was activated Monday.

She says questions on the survey include things like: What are you looking for in your educational leader?, Are you looking for somebody with a specific experience? What should their educational background be?

Dey says bottom line is they're looking for a 21st Century Educator, someone who will help move the district forward so students can meet the state's new standards and excel professionally. "The job market is completely different than it was five, ten years ago and we need our students to compete academically and when they hit the working world."

The survey deadline is October 11th, the same day a public forum will be held for parents, students and residents at Jackson Memorial High School from 6 to 8 p.m.

To access the survey and get more information, log onto the Jackson School District website at www.jacksonsd.org