The Jackson Memorial High School Jaguars Marching Band has their eyes set on the West Coast to perform at the 2013 Parade of the Roses in Pasadena, California.

It’s an opportunity only a select few high school’s receive, the opportunity to march and perform in the Parade of Roses Tournament. A yearly floral themed parade which features flower covered floats, equestrian performances, and of course the ever popular Rose Bowl.

Some while ago the Marching Jaguars were offered the idea of applying to be in the prestigious parade, and to their shock and amazement they were selected as one of the ones chosen amongst an entire nation full of talented bands. Spokesperson for the Jackson Band Parents Suzanne Rogalsky says the band received an appreciation for the scope of their achievement during a dinner held by the Tournament of Roses Committee.

“While we were there, they said to all of the band directors that were there ‘you are the best of the best, these are the best marching bands. There are hundreds of other bands that want to be where you are right now.”

While the band clearly has the chops to play on the national stage, the problem for the Jaguars will be raising the funds to head westward bound. Rogalsky says that it will cost fifteen hundred per student to send them to California, and they are hoping to mitigate those expenses as much possible through fundraising.

“Our goal is to reduce the trip by at least half, per student so to make it affordable for everybody.” Says Rogalsky.

The Band Parents are no strangers to fundraising, they already consistently running various fundraisers in order to provide for things the School Board cannot. However with an opportunity as big as the Parade of Roses, Rogalsky says they want to make sure no students lose out on a chance to participate.

” Some of the students their families are able to provide for them to be able to go, but we have a lot of students whose parents are not able to provide for them to go. So we’re trying to raise as much money as we can so all of the students will be able to go.”

In addition to many of the fundraisers the Jaguars will be running, Rogalsky says they are planning on sending out a mailer to township residents in order to ask them for donations.

“If every family would just donate 10 dollars to the band we would have enough money for the kids to be able to go.” Says Rogalsky

The students along with the parents are hoping the entire community will be involved in helping them achieve their goal and represent the Garden State proudly.

For more information about Jackson Memorial High School’s Rose Parade invitation and to find out donation information visit their Rose Parade Page.