The Jackson PBA marks the end of the summer season with a youth rally this Saturday. Jackson Police Officer John Pejoski says they've partnered with the Hope Cathedral Church on Bennetts Mills Road to provide a day full of events, prizes, food and entertainment geared toward several age groups on August 31st.

Jackson Township Police with Jackson Memorial H.S. students

"It's a family fun day basically to instill positive beliefs and positive traits to kids .... make em get ready for the upcoming school year", explains Pejoski. "Kind of open their eyes a little bit to some of the dangers they're going to see as far as drug use and inappropriate behavior as well."

Pejoski talks about the 'keep it real' dialogue they have with youth .. not treating them like children when addressing the more serious issues that many of them will face. "When kids go to school they're kind of sometimes left to their own devices and our opinion is to get em prepared as best as we can so if they are confronted with something that they know is wrong, that they can make the better decision and not get involved."

The rally isn't limited just to Jackson youth. Pejoski says the church has invited kids and teens to participate from other churches from the surrounding area.

The youth rally takes place at the Hope Cathedral Church at 46 Bennetts Mills Rd in Jackson, NJ 08527. Registration for kids twelve and under starts at 12 o'clock. That event runs from 1 to 3. For teens, Junior High and High School students, ages twelve and up, registration starts at 4 and their event runs from 5 to 7 p.m. Hope Cathedral Church telephone number is (732) 928-9072.