Great news! 

Richard's Sub World & Deli Construction (Christopher Kowalski)

It has been confirmed that Richard’s Subworld and Deli in Bayville is open for business. The iconic sub shop was on everyone's radar after a fire destroyed the location back in June. Nobody was injured in the fire.

Richard’s Sub World and Deli has been a trademark for Bayvillians since I was a kid. When my family and I first learned about the fire, we were devastated. In my opinion, Richard’s Subworld and Deli have the best subs in Bayville - perhaps even in Ocean County.

If you have been driving in Bayville on Route 9 the past couple of months, you probably have noticed the slow restoration of the eatery. No official updates on the status of the shop were posted on social media, and they do not have a website - so speculation was swirling from all over on when the restored Richard’s was going to reopen. Today, that speculation was put to bed.

It is certainly an exciting day in Ocean County, it’s always an exciting day when a mom-and-pop business revives after a horrible accident.

According to Yelp, Richard Sub World and Deli is open until 5 pm today.

Happy Eating!