Is there that one teacher that changed things around for you, that spent a little bit more time with you and helped you get something figured out that maybe you wouldn't have done without her or him.  Well, today we recognize these amazing teachers!

My all-time favorite teacher was definitely my Fifth Grade teacher Mrs. Freed.  It was around the age where school was a little harder for me and she spent that extra time with me and made it a whole lot easier for me.  She became my friend in my adult years.  When I would go home and visit my family in Pennsylvania, I'd always make sure to visit with her too.  I remember about 20 years ago when I got my first radio job in Indiana, she wrote me and told me how proud of me she was.  We would always write back and forth to each other and sad to say, last year she passed away.  But I just know Mrs. Freed is teaching in a great place right now!  Thank you for being so wonderful and helping to inspire me and many others!

Abby's Second Grade Teacher right now Mrs. Letizia is pretty amazing as well.  She's always thinking of great ways to teach the kids.  Abby will come home with a new song or dance that she's taught them, so they remember what they're learning!  She's so wonderful and patient with the kids!  Thank you, Mrs. Letizia!

Was or is there a teacher in your life that you'd like to tell us us 732 - 237 - WOBM or comment below.  Share your "teacher" story with us on this National Teacher Appreciation Day!