It's National Night Out in your neighborhood tonight.  It's the night when we get out and meet and visit with our neighbors.  The Nextdoor social network has shared the results of nationwide polls showing that 67% of homeowners feel safer in their home/neighborhood, because they know their neighbors. In addition, 76% of U.S. adults polled said they thought their neighborhood would be safer if they communicated more with neighbors. These findings shed light on the attitudes that shape the American neighborhood, and reinforces the importance of National Night Out, the annual, nationwide crime prevention event created by the National Association of Town Watch. The event will culminate today with more than 37 million neighbors in more than 15,000 communities from all 50 states coming together to get to know one another better. Neighbors will gather to throw block parties, cookouts, parades and receive visits from local police and firefighters. 

 Other results of the survey:

  • 72% of homeowners report that because they know their neighbors, they are confident their neighbors will do something (e.g., call for help, intervene) if they see anything suspicious around their home.
  • 35% of Americans who know their neighbors have shared information with them about crime and safety in the neighborhood (e.g., suspicious activity, burglaries, theft, neighborhood watch alerts).
  • 47% of Americans who know their neighbors say because of this, they have no immediate plans to move or sell their home.
  • 25% of Americans who know their neighbors say because of this, they have received help with a lost pet or helped a neighbor with a lost pet or rescue animal.

Is your neighborhood doing anything special tonight?  What town do you live in?