Maybe they're not for everybody, but it sure makes a hot dog taste better to me.

A great friend of "The Ocean County Breakfast Show" posted a picture of Bush's Baked Beans on my Facebook wall and I was wondering, why?  Well now I know!  Thanks Mr. Joe.  I prefer my baked beans with brown sugar and chunks of bacon, that's why Bush's are my favorite.

Growing up we had the best baked beans in Pennsylvania, not sure if they're a Pennsylvania Dutch thing or not but it was the big beans with this real sweet sauce over it.  It was sort of a lighter sauce then I see now over baked beans, but oh my, they were so good!  When I go home to visit my family I ask my Mom and I talk about the beans and she says her and Dad still get them sometimes.

Do you have a baked bean recipe to share?  Do you like baked beans?