OK, it's that time again.  It's my annual, who has the cleanest bathroom here at the Shore.  I like doing this after the Summer is over and of all the places you went this past year, which business has the cleanest bathroom.

You ask, "Sue..why?"  Well because we all have to use them and the local restaurants like to know their bathroom is the cleanest.  The cleanest doesn't have to be a restaurant, it can be at the beach, boardwalk or store.  Maybe it's just the way the soap smells, or that they use electric hand dryers and there's not paper towels everywhere.

With a 7 year old, we're always going to the bathroom no matter where we are.  So I know the majority of clean and dirty bathrooms around here.  This is NOT a negative blog, I don't want to hear about the dirty ones.  I only want the cleanest one around the Shore.

Where's the cleanest bathroom here at the Shore?