If you're reading this at work right now, it might be because it's lunch time and you're allowing yourself 5 minutes of web-browsing time before you get back to that long list of items on your to-do list.  You probably brought a sandwich from home and are eating it while you read.  Am I right?  It seems many employees in the U.S. work through their lunch hour, but experts say that that's actually hurting productivity.   It's called a lunch "break" for a reason so why aren't we actually taking a break?

Research has shown that if we use that down time to disconnect from work, we'll return to the job feeling more refreshed, creative, and energized.  And we'll be more productive as a result!

If you'd like suggestions on ways to recharge your batteries during the lunch hour, read this article.

Do you usually eat while on the job?  Or do you use the time to exercise, nap, or run errands?   Please let us know in the Comments section below.