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And that's not a joke.  Are you an April Fool-er?

I never was a trickster especially on April Fool's Day.  I remember my Mom getting me all the time.  "Hey Sue, look at the spider under your pillow" or "Do you know you have a flat tire"?  Everytime she got me.  And probably if she'd call me today and do it, I'd still fall for it.

But if you're thinking of being a prankster a work...think about it first.  Boss's apparently aren't a fan.  According to a study by The Creative Group 68% of marketing and advertising executives consider April Fool's Day and the pranks not very funny and not approriate for the office.

A couple of pranks you might remember:

In 1998 Burker King announced that they were making a whopper for left-handed people and guess what, yep people showed up in droves waiting for this Whopper.  Are you an April Fools' prankster? 

In 2010 Ben & Jerry's announced that they were going to have a virtual ice cream.  What this meant is-- when you click on the ice cream you could lick the screen and it would taste like ice cream.  Crazy right...but yep, people tried it!

Are you an April Fool's Day prankster?  What's your best prank ever?