You probably heard the news story about the man who got stuck inside Disneyland's "It’s a Small World" ride.   He won $8000 in damages   This blog post is NOT a comment on that lawsuit.  I don’t know all the details about his disability, suffering, or the way the situation was or wasn’t handled by people on the scene.   What I AM going to comment on is peoples’ tendency to trash the "Small World" ride and song.  Why do comedians and news anchors feel the need to bad-mouth something that, at its core, asks us to be kind and respect each other, despite our differences?

“There is just one moon and one golden sun and a smile means friendship to everyone. Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide, it’s a small world after all…..There’s so much that we share that it’s time we’re aware, it’s a small world after all.”  The song's lyrics are simple, and to me, very powerful.

There is so much hatred and disrespect going on in the world, whether by bullies in a school yard or terrorists in a war zone.  The song's message is one that I wish more people would embrace!   My teenage niece and nephew are planning their first trip to Europe.  I'm thrilled for them, hopeful that in their travels they will see similarities among the people they encounter, rather than focusing on the differences.  I hope that trip will help them see that it IS a small world after all.  Do you agree that the song should be seen in a positive light?  Why do you think it has such a bad reputation?  Please comment below.