We said "good-bye" to a wonderful little curly haired girl that melted everyone's heart.  That's what I see when I hear the name Shirley Temple Black.  Right away when I hear Shirley Temple..it takes me back to of course "the good ship lollipop".  But Hollywood lost a great one.  Shirley Temple passed away yesterday of natural causes surrounded by family and friends with her at her side.


So that leads me to ...Aah yes my favorite drink when I want to at least look like I'm drinking something at the bar.  It's my favorite-- a Shirley Temple.

The wonderful recipe for this fantastic (and I call it beautiful) drink.

Pour either Sprite or a lemon-lime soda along with ginger-ale almost to the top of the class.

Add a little grenadine for that beautiful pink color.

And top it off with a cherry.

It's a great drink for the kids and also for the Mom's and Dad's, too.

Do you like Shirley Temples?