I hate this intersection with a passion.

It's the intersection of Van Zile Road and Route 70 in Brick.

The problem is that there only two lanes here. One to go straight or turn left, and the other to go straight or turn right.

Unlike the intersection for Burnt Tavern/Bridge Ave about a mile in one direction and the intersection at Jack Martin Blvd in the other direction, there's no lane just for people turning right.

That means that, if you want to turn right on red, if a single car is in the right lane intending to go straight, you're not able to turn.

The jughandle coming off of Route 70 also feeds the right lane.

All of these variables come together to cause backups that can go dozens of cars back. If you want to turn right and you're far back in the line, it could take three or more cycles of the light before you can get onto Route 70.

The part that really drives me crazy is the fact that there's so much open space next to the intersection that you'd think it would be fairly simple to build a right turn only lane.

So what Ocean County intersections drive you crazy? Tell us in the comments section!