One of the most important parts of applying for a job is making a good impression on your prospective employer. One of the first things that they'll see is your résumé.

Personally, I'm of the opinion that experience and grammar are the most important parts of a résumé.

I want to see that a job applicant has at least some experience in the field, and I want to know that they at least care about grammar. Even if the job doesn't involve writing, I want to know that they pay attention to details.

Over the years, I've seen some pretty creative résumés as well - from school report-like colored folders and binders to full on Power Point presentations on CD, some people go for the "wow factor".

But here's the thing from my point of view - a job applicant could buy the biggest billboard in town to try to get a job, but if they don't have the experience they're not going to get the job. Sure creativity is nice, but to me, the person with the best experience should get the job.

But, that being said, creativity can make your résumé stand out from the pack. So take a look at how this job applicant presented his résumé:

Photo from Imgur

I do have to say that this résumé definitely stands out from others. And if the hiring manager is a chocoholic, it could tip the scales in his favor. Assuming that this person was applying for a marketing position, obviously creativity is important, so it could very well help his chances.

So what do you think, would you hire this person based on creativity alone, or does experience matter more than presentation? Vote below and let us know!