The answer being an overwhelming YES!

The joys of working in this office in Toms River, we get to work with so many wonderful personalities and we get see people in the early, early morning hours.  This morning I pulled my car into the parking lot and my friend Chris pulled in next to me.  He gets out of his car this morning and said, "I almost died this morning".  So when someone says that to you...what are you thinking?  I totally said, "Oh My Goodness..are you ok-- were you almost in an accident, did something almost fall on you...did you fall down the stairs'? was a spider web getting into his car and he saw the spider.  Or maybe it was in his car.  I don't even remember.  It was either on his car or in it.  He was in a complete panic.  Then he felt the spider -  and all of the spider friends because when there is 1 there is 100 - walking all over him in his car on the way to work.

schmecky!, flickr



I just found this so funny.  I hope he's not mad that I'm sharing this with you...but I had too!  I'm happy to say, he's just fine and he's alive!  Thank goodness!

Chris is on our sister station 1057 The Hawk!  He's a great guy....a great guy that's scared of spiders.  So I guess if I see a spider in the studio, I shouldn't ask him to help out!  Love you Chris!


Are you afraid of spiders like my friend Chris?