Today is "Thank You" day.

There's a lot of people in my life I'd love thank.  From the start my parents for bringing me into this big world.  "Thank You" Mom and Dad for teaching me kindness.  It's undoubtedly the best trait to ever be taught and the greatest gift ever given.   My Nana for telling me every day when I was younger, "Be nice to your teachers".  I'll never forget that.  "Thank You" to my 5th Grade Teacher, Mrs. Freed, where up to her dying day we still wrote to each other.  She was a jewel and someone I will never forget.  "Thank you", to my radio teacher!  I was a 25 year old kid wondering what the heck I was doing there...but it was the right decision.  It is truly the best job in the world.  "Thank You", to my boss for having faith in me!  "Thank You", to Shawn for putting up with me every morning and he's not my boss but he thinks he is.  "Thank You", to my daughter for the most wonderful love every day!

Today is the day to say, "Thank You"!

Who do you want to say, "Thank You, too!