We have been doing a lot of reminiscing this past week as the year ends and I began to think about my time here at the Jersey Shore. I have lived here nearly 45 years now and I've enjoyed every minute. I've been fortunate enough to have been hosting the morning show here at WOBM for over twenty years and we've seen a lot of changes here at the Shore, but are we better now than twenty years ago ? You tell us .... as we brake it down into several categories.

I thought these categories would be intriguing. Education, politics, crime, roads, entertainment, beaches and neighborhoods.

My "two-cents" ....

  • Schools are better
  • I'm "ok" with local government
  • Crime is worse
  • Roads ... Parkway is improved, local roads are horribe
  • I love my neighborhood
  • Beaches are better (In my area)
  • There's more entertainment now then twenty years ago.
  • I am NOT planning on leaving

Now it's YOUR turn ....










Thanks for taking part in our survey, we'll discuss the results on the Morning Show on Tuesday, January 3rd and see what You think about the Jersey Shore.



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