Remember a while back when we talked about sending food back to the kitchen at a restaurant?  Many of you were leery of complaining about anything because of what you thought the kitchen staff might do to the food in retaliation.  Now I’ve got a different kind of restaurant scenario to run by you.

Brunching with my sister recently, the hostess took us to what I feel was the best table in the place.  Right near the fireplace, away from the noisy bar, I was lookin forward to a nice meal where we could chat.  But then I noticed the table was wobbly.

Sis and I disagreed on what to do next.  She thought we should request a different table.  I felt we should give the staff the opportunity to fix the wobble.  They could either stick something underneath the “short” leg, or, with any luck, could extend the length of the leg and get all four even again.

I’m happy to report, my way won out!  Thankfully the server knew how to adjust the leg so the fix really didn’t take long at all.  We were able to remain in our perfect location and all was well.  Except that I embarrassed my sister.

Here’s a chance for you Ocean County folks to chime in: when something’s not right at a restaurant, do you speak up or just suck it up.  I don’t like to cause headaches for people, but if I’m a paying customer, and I feel something could be resolved without much of a hassle, I’ll definitely say something.

What about you?