This past Saturday, I took a drive down Route 35 from Brick to Seaside Heights. While I'm saddened by the degree of lingering damage, I was surprised by how many cars were pulling over to stop and take pictures.

A resident of Mantoloking wrote a letter to the editor in the Asbury Park Press to show his dismay when he sees rubberneckers who, slowly, holding up traffic and taking pictures like at some freak show....every day I see these folks driving up and down the destroyed streets, and they never stop and offer their fellow man a helping hand.

Obviously, there is a curiosity factor, and I admit that I myself looked at the still half standing homes and piles of debris. But is stopping to take a picture of what used to be someone's personal privacy and security an invasion of that privacy?

Honestly, I don't know the answer to the question. If it was my home, yes I think I would be irritated by picture takers, but this was one of the biggest news stories of 2012, so it's understandable that people will be curious. But then again, homes are one thing, public places like boardwalks and businesses are another.

I'm honestly on the fence about this issue and I'm interested in your thoughts, so please vote below and let us know what you think, and feel free to tell us more in the comments section.