Going out to eat at a restaurant is always a treat.  As someone who really doesn’t like to cook, I can appreciate all the time and effort that goes into food preparation at a restaurant.  I’ve enjoyed many delicious meals at Ocean County establishments.  And some clunkers.  The bad ones usually have something to do with the meat being undercooked.  In those cases, I’m not shy about sending the food back and requesting it be cooked a bit more.

But I was just with friends from NYC who warn against speaking up in a restaurant.  They tell me the servers and chefs are known to spit, or worse, in food that’s returned to the kitchen.  I refuse to believe this is true.  Are people that immature that they feel the need to take revenge on customers who just want what they’ve ordered and are paying for?

I think my friends are unnecessarily paranoid.  I’ve never had a bad experience after pointing out a kitchen error.  Have you?  Those of you who work in the food business, what’s the best way for customers to make a complaint?  Please share in the Comments section.