So the Jersey Shore is expecting HOT weather for the rest of this week, Is it OK to wear shorts to work ?
Temperatures are expected near 95 today, near 100 tomorrow and in the 90's Friday....a heat wave! Do you think it's acceptable to wear "shorts" to work ? I guess it depends on what you do for a living as to whether you can, but I think it depends on how you dress that makes a difference.
If your going to wear shorts to work you need to have "dress" shorts paired with a nice shirt and "shoes" or dressy casual/sneakers.....So I guess basically I'm talking about Summer "dress" wear. However even though you may have a nice outfit to wear to wrok with shorts, is it acceptable during a "heat wave" to wear shorts to work ?
By the way today is the first "official" day of summer! So stay cool and have a fun & safe summer!
Are you able to wear shorts to work ? Are you planning on wearing shorts today ?