Since becoming single and divorced, I've learned to do things alone.  Things I thought I never would do alone.

Now I'm not always alone, I have my little 7 year old butterfly with me most of the time.  But when she's with her Dad, I find myself doing things I never thought I would alone.

A friend called me yesterday and she was eating breakfast alone in a restaurant yesterday morning and she texted me and do you do it Sue?  I said, "Do what"?  "Eat alone", she says.  Then she says, "I don't know how you deal with the quiet".  "It's good to be in the quiet times sometime,  and I like being by myself with my thoughts," I said with a LOL.

Shawn just told me he likes to go to a ballgame by himself.  At any other time in my life I would've probably laughed at him, but this time, I think it's great.  He says it's peaceful for him.  So that's pretty cool.

I always looked at people when I was younger and I'd see them  eating aloneout and think they must be lonely.  But I've come to realize, they're not lonely, they are comfortable in their own skin.  I've really learned to appreciate my time and I like spending it alone sometimes.

Another time is the movies.  It's my time to eat popcorn and chocolate covered raisins and just relax...alone.

I love shopping alone.  And I've learned to love sitting along the beach on an early morning to watch the sun rise alone.

It's ok to be alone when doing these things.  I think I was more lonely when I was married..giggling as I write this...but I'm never lonely, just alone.

What's the one thing you like doing alone?  And is it ok to go to the movies alone?