Shortly after noon Thursday, 9-year-old Harry Hyman and 5-year-old Gabriel Hyman were found at the home of Gabriel’s father in Irvington, nearly three miles from where they were last seen.

Their mother, Sorayda, dropped the children off at the home of Harry’s father around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday. The arrangement, according to the mother, was to leave the children at the home alone.

Irvington Police Chief Michael Chase said the kids “were tired of waiting,” and Harry decided they would not stay in the house alone. They walked nearly three miles across town to the home of Gabriel’s father, who was not home. A neighbor took them in overnight and had a child contact one of the fathers after a noon press conference aired on television.

Chase assumed the neighbor didn’t contact police because she trusted Gabriel’s father was a good person, and she didn’t know if he was actually responsible for the children’s whereabouts.

Police took the children from the Fleetwood Avenue home and brought them to Newark Beth Israel Medical Center for evaluation.

“The evaluation shows that there’s no concerning issues,” Chase said.

However, the Division of Youth and Services was called to take control of the children until safety issues were addressed within the Hyman family.

Chase explained, “It’s not a safe thing to leave children of that tender age unattended in any house for any period of time at all.”

As of early Friday, it was not determined if anyone would be charged in the incident. Chase said a prosecutor review is ongoing.