Probes of two bank robberies in eight days in Brick Township accelerate with additional surveillance images. Police hope that surveillance images from each jog the memory of anyone with information that can lead to arrests.

TD Bank Surveillance Image during November 7 Robbery (Brick Township PD)

A TD branch on Burnt Tavern Road was held up on November 7, at about 6:59 PM. Witnesses described a white male, about 5'2", approximately 40 years of age, with an acne-scarred face. He was said to have worn a large brown wig,  sunglasses, a brown-grayish windbreaker, jeans, and running shoes.

According to police, the suspect told a teller to "put the money in the bag and no one will get hurt." After being handed cash, he ran in the general direction of a CVS Pharmacy on the opposite end of the parking lot adjoining the bank.

Santander Bank Surveillance Image during November 15 Robbery (Brick Township PD

The Santander branch on Beaverson Boulevard was robbed on November 15 at about 5:45 PM, said police. Information gathered by investigators shaped an image of a man of either Caucasian or Hispanic lineage, about 5'2" in height, weighing 145 to 165 pounds.

He was described as being clad in a black-and-blue checked hat, jeans, sneakers,  and a dark khaki, zippered, hooded outer garment, either a jacket or a hoodie. Police say he wore a stocking over his face.

Authorities said that no weapon was brandished, but the suspect carried a plastic bag colored dark purple or eggplant shade. They believe that the bag might have originated in a store. The individual also escaped on foot, westbound, toward Beaverson Boulevard.

Brick Township police accept information on a confidential basis. The department's main line is 732-262-1100. The detective bureau can be reached directly at 732-262-1120.