The Man who changed living rooms throughout America has died....Click below to read his story

Eugene Polley, inventor of the TV remote control, has died. Polley died of natural causes Sunday at a suburban Chicago hospital. The former Zenith engineer was 96. Polley began his career in 1935 working for Zenith Radio Corporation. In 1955, he introduced the world to the first-ever wireless TV remote control, the “Flash-Matic,” which changed channels on a TV set using a photo-cell activating flashlight-like device.

Polley also worked on radar advances for the U.S. Department of Defense during World War II and helped develop the push-button radio for automobiles and the video disk, a forerunner of today’s DVD.
Do you have old remotes still in a drawer that you don't use anymore ?

I currently have "3" remotes! One from Comcast, One for the DVD Player and One for the TV ... How about you ?

So here is the BIG  question ! Who is the "Remote  Hog" in your house ?